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Support Hardworking Single Parents this Holiday Season

North Star of Chester County families are led by hardworking single parents, raising children under circumstances more difficult than any of us could have imagined 12 months ago. Many of our moms and dads face the difficult decision between going to work and risk contracting COVID-19, or falling behind in their rent if they are laid off or have their hours reduced.

One of our parents, “Cheryl,” contracted the virus through her essential healthcare job and took weeks to recover. "Janise" was laid off from her job driving the bus for senior citizens. Janise also has a daughter with several health complications. She is afraid to leave her home due to the threat COVID presents to her immuno-compromised child.

With your generous support, we have been able to assure that none of our families faced the threat of eviction, despite this year’s challenges. We have been able to increase our rental assistance for families whose work has been affected, help pay for childcare when parents returned to their jobs, and our case managers have guided them through unprecedented hardships. In a given night in Chester County, as many as 500 people experience homelessness. Because of you, none of our parents and children are part of this statistic.

Thank you for your support of our mission to help these hardworking families achieve independence. The most difficult times may still lie ahead. Pandemic or not, more families continue to need our support. Your year-end contribution to North Star of Chester County makes a difference in the lives of our struggling families, keeping kids and parents in their homes, strengthening our community, and reducing the strain on the county’s resources. Or, if you’ll consider a recurring donation, this will makes an even greater impact, ensuring our families have reliable support throughout the year. However you choose to give, please know how much we appreciate your support.

We wish you and your own families a safe and joyous holiday season.

Warm regards,

Donald Neimetz

Executive Director

More ways to give

Consider registering North Star of Chester County as your Amazon Smile organization of choice.

When you shop at Amazon will donate a portion of proceeds to North Star: REGISTER HERE

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