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“I can now proudly say,

I am a good role model
for my daughter.”


“You have the greatest group of people. God bless you all
and thank you all so very much!”


“The support and resources you have extended to me has made me find the good in so much more.”


When Janyse met us, she needed support while her daughter, a young girl with special needs, required a month-long stay in the hospital. She needed to be with her daughter and was worried for her family. In a single parent household, if mom or dad can't work for a few weeks- who pays the rent? Janyse has had a job since she was young teenager. She prides herself on her work ethic and providing for her family. Following her daughter's the stay in the hospital, Janyse returned to work until the worldwide COVID pandemic. Despite the challenges in her life, Janyse remains committed to doing everything for her family and enjoys working with North Star to develop her budget, create savings, and plan for a brighter future. 


Michelle came to us following a divorce. Even after finding more affordable housing, she worried about how expensive it is to live in Chester County, especially as a single parent without child support. While she loves her job, she knows she is capable and ready for more. She works hard to provide for her son and daughter. With a little help from North Star, she's been able to maintain housing, work on her budget, and keep her daughter in the school district she knows and loves.

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