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  • Call our office at (610) 696-5675 to see if you meet the basic requirements

  • Make an appointment to begin an initial budget review; bring in all identification for yourself and your dependents, plus all income and bank statements from the past month

  • You will be asked to track all expenses by bringing in receipts for everything from gas and groceries to medical and utility bills; you’ll also be asked to have a criminal background check and a credit report

  • You will be asked to bring in your lease to verify your housing expenses, and a statement from your landlord outlining any arrears you may have

  • A case manager will review your budget with you and help you identify ways to increase income and decrease expenses

  • A second budget meeting one month later will provide a better picture of your financial situation

  • The case manager will present your story to our Board of Directors’ Program Committee to determine acceptance into the program; If accepted, the Committee will determine an appropriate initial amount of rental assistance, which we will send directly to your landlord monthly

  • Once accepted, you will meet monthly with a case manager, who will guide you along the path to financial stability, encourage you to tap resources available to you throughout Chester County, and teach you how to balance your budget on your own

  • As you progress through our program, we will ask you to attend workshops and functions

  • As you become stronger financially, our rental assistance level will be re-evaluated to determine if a reduction in the assistance amount is appropriate

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