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North Star's Statement of Support of BLACK LIVES MATTER

All too often, an event occurs and reminds us that people of color do not enjoy the same basic rights for which many have marched, fought, and died. That is why, through our work day in and day out, we at North Star of Chester County are committed to the truth that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As a team, we have paused to listen and reflect on ways we could add value to the conversation. The North Star holds a significant place in black history in America. Used as a guiding light, the North Star led many on the underground railroad, fleeing violence and bondage, towards freedom. Since our inception, North Star of Chester County has recognized the disparities in housing, employment, and education among communities and people of color. Racial inequality, gender discrimination, and other systemic issues pose real and menacing threats to housing stability for our hard working single parent families.

For 27 years, North Star has served black mothers, fathers, and children throughout Chester County. We pledge to continue this work, identify our place in a system of change, strive to be part of solutions that enable families to be self-sufficient, and advocate for those in need. We hope that one day the children of our participants will read about this time in history, shocked by the injustice of the status-quo, but proud that we came together to make a difference. We hope this current movement will bring about the permanent, lasting change our families deserve.

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