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Celebrating 30 Years Serving the Community

North Star of Chester County recently honored its 30th year serving hardworking single-parent families. Friends, family, and loyal supporters gathered in support of our mission, preventing homelessness and guiding parents toward self-sufficiency and financial independence.

This support comes at a critical time for the families we serve. Rents in Chester County have risen dramatically over the last three years. Many families have struggled to keep up with rents increasing as much as $200, $300-- even $600 a month.

Providing working families with the financial assistance they need to remain stable, and single parents the guidance they need to become self-sufficient, benefits our community in the short and long term. Contributions to North Star make a direct impact in the lives of hardworking single-parent families right here in Chester County. We are grateful to have reached this milestone, serving the community for 30 years.

The staff and board wish to thank our founders for their vision and dedication, the General Warren for hosting such a wonderful evening, sponsors, volunteers, donors, auction winners, and attendees. Our mission is made possible by your support.

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