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Making a Greater Impact with Monthly Giving

Pledge a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual gift today | DONATE NOW

North Star of Chester County participants receive long-term and ongoing support. Our rental assistance keeps working single parent families in their homes, while we guide them toward financial independence. Because self-sufficiency takes time to achieve, our program provides as much as three years of support. We believe providing long-term support, and tools to thrive on their own, is the key to success for our families. The pandemic has shown the importance of long-term support. Without it, many of our parents would have faced this past year alone, incurring debt, facing eviction, or even experiencing homelessness. Thanks to North Star, and supporters like you, all of our families have remained in their homes.

The impact of ongoing support is clear. Supporting our families on an ongoing basis ensures hardworking single parents and their children continue to have homes during uncertain times and receive the guidance they need to achieve their goals. Join our families on their journey toward self-sufficiency and consider pledging a recurring gift today. We accept monthly, quarterly, and even annual donations. This past year has demonstrated none of us knows what challenges may lie ahead. Reliable, ongoing support can make a difference in the lives of the working poor.

A monthly gift of $30 could fill a gas tank so mom can get to work and provide for her family. $50 could put groceries in the cupboard or get back-to-school clothes for their kids. Our average monthly rental assistance is currently $280 per family. For many hardworking families, that is the difference between keeping a roof over their head and facing these difficult times on their own. For 28 years, our model of long-term, ongoing support has helped hundreds of families remain in their homes and our supporters have made it possible. We hope you will join us while we help our parents work towards independence and a better future.

Pledge a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual gift today

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