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Family Summer Picnic 2021

This August, the families in the North Star of Chester County program gathered at Highland Orchards for the annual Family Summer Picnic, an afternoon of togetherness, free food, and back to school supplies for the kids. WSFS Bank graciously donated a veritable mountain of school supplies, including backpacks, bursting with notebooks, folders, pencils, binders, and everything else to welcome students back to in-person learning. The picnic marked the return to face-to-face events for North Star.

In addition to picking out backpacks and school supplies, families enjoyed a picnic lunch and picked peaches in the orchard. To mark the occasion, North Star honored three upcoming graduates from its three-year program including "Chantel," "Rachel," and "Pauline."

“Chantel” is a single mother of one. During her time in our program, she found a way to balance her work-life schedule, raise her son (it was exciting to see this child, whom we met as a small toddler, now picking out his backpack for kindergarten), and obtain her Master’s Degree. She is leaving our program, after three years, stable and with a bright future ahead. “Lauren” is a single mom of two teenage boys, whose appetites, like most teenage boys, stretch her budget. After completing first time home buyer’s and savings programs, she has successfully purchased a home through Habitat for Humanity. She plans to officially move this fall after completing her “sweat equity.” “Pauline” recovered from the financial strain put on her from a complicated divorce. Since joining our program she has found a home to raise her two children, in their preferred school district, and obtained a higher-paying job during the pandemic.

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