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Chesco Community Foundation Helps North Star Plan for the Future

The Chester County Community Foundation awarded a generous grant of $5,000 to North Star of Chester County to help fund the non-profit's next round of strategic planning.

"Developing a strategic plan is a vital step for any organization," said North Star Executive Director Donald Neimetz. "Thanks to these funds, our agency can get to work on identifying what our future holds. Where are we going, how are growing, and what matters most." The Community Foundation has previously provided North Star with funding for emergency food supplies, upgrading the agency's technology, and more. North Star of Chester County is grateful for their continued support.

What is strategic planning? Strategic planning is a process used by organizations to identify their goals, the strategies necessary to accomplish those goals and the internal performance management system that will be used to monitor and evaluate progress. The strategic planning process culminates in the development of a strategic plan document that serves as the organization’s collective roadmap. While each organization is unique, the essential elements of any strategic plan include:

  • Clear mission and vision statements to frame the context of the document

  • Clear timelines for strategy implementation and progress monitoring

  • Quarterly benchmarks or objectives that will inform progress towards annual goals

  • Identification of the data sources used to track progress

  • Indication of the individuals and/or offices responsible for each strategy

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